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Schools in Viterbo

In addition to Pietro Vanni middle school, there are a variety of other institutions in Viterbo, ranging from elementary school to university. I've looked more closely at Pietro Vanni and Buratti, but I have an overview of some of the academic institutions in Viterbo.

Mariano Buratti High School

Since I attended to Buratti for a week, I am more familiar with both the inside and the outside of the school. Buratti is made up of two buildings that are connected by a courtyard. The entrances to both buildings have stairs at the front, but the courtyard has an accessible entrance with a ramp.

I found that the righthand building, which looks more modern, is slightly more accessible. The floors are long and flat, and there is an elevator near the entrance to the building. Overall, this building is pretty accessible, even though there isn't a handicap bathroom. However, there are also ramps leading to the gym in the lefthand building, and the classrooms themselves are quite accessible. However, because the building is older, there are just more architectural barriers.

L. Concetti Elementary School

I was not able to enter the school, so I cannot speak much about the accessibility inside the school. But the exterior surpasses most other buildings in Viterbo, as it has a ramp at the entrance. Also, the building is slightly more modern and has wide floors, making it easier for people with disabilities to navigate.

The University of Tuscia

A large portion of the campus is located near Porta Romana, and the pathways, though cobblestone, are accessible. The library has a ramp at the entrance, as well as a lift inside to help students in wheelchairs surpass a small set of stairs. The second floor of the library is not accessible because there is no elevator, but regardless it is rather accessible. Additionally, there is another section of campus (DISTU Department for linguistics, history, philosophy, etc) located near Fontana del Piano in the old neighborhood of Viterbo. There is a garden for students, as well as sets of classrooms which are relatively accessible. The entrance has stairs, but they are easily bypassed as there is a road adjacent inside the university that leads into the building.

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