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What to Know: Trains Edition

Using the trains in Viterbo is not impossible, but it is difficult. I have seen people in wheelchairs on the train, but rarely. At the rear of the train, the last carriage is specifically for people with disabilities. There is a ramp to get to this area and the seats have been removed to allow for more space. While the inside of the train is fine, it is rather difficult to get on, as there is no ramp and a large step from the platform to the train. Also, when taking the train during rush hour or on a popular line, it is often crowded and it may not be possible to get to the accessible area from the train entrance.

At Porta Romana, for example, there are three tracks. To access two of the platforms, you have to cross the tracks, but that would be bumpy and difficult in a wheelchair. Also, there is a large step from the platform to board the train itself. It is not possible without a ramp or someone to carry the wheelchair, a luxury that not everyone has.

In conclusion, the train itself is quite accessible, but the train stations are not very accessible.

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